Tools for Exploration Travel

Cool tools that give you more ways to connect with nature

Our expedition toolkit is designed to offer you more in-depth learning and up-close encounters. These are the means to explore your world for yourself, to participate in citizen science, and to have meaningful, personal encounters with wildness.


You'll be amazed by the variety of activities and destinations afforded by the fleet of Zodiac watercrafts that each of our ships carry.


Kayaks are versatile tools for intimate encounters with Mother Nature. Enjoy water-level perspectives of an endless variety of destinations.

Stand-up Paddleboards

Looking to stay active on your expedition? Check out our custom stand-up paddleboards, an energetic and fun way to experience the seas.


Always wanted to listen to whales and sea lions underwater? Visit our site to see the advanced technology used by our naturalists.

Ship Cameras

Visit our site to see the cameras mounted on the bows of our ships, providing a window to the undersea that streams live in the ship's lounge.

Open Bridge

Learn more about our Open Bridge. Our officers are happy to chat and answer questions, ensuring a full immersive experience for our guests.

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