Cruise Itineraries

Expeditions aboard National Geographic Orion

Across the Bering Sea: From Katmai to Kamchatka

22 days

Jun / Jul

From AU$34,990 to AU$67,490

Antarctica and Patagonia: Legendary Ice and Epic Fjords

18 days


From AU$28,050 to AU$53,500

Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands

22 days

Feb / Nov

From AU$33,120 to AU$64,050

Azure Seas from Tahiti to the Marquesas

15 days


From AU$21,090 to AU$45,870

Bering Sea Wilderness: Pribilofs, Katmai, and Kodiak

13 days


From AU$22,290 to AU$42,430

Best of Chilean Patagonia: From Torres del Paine to Cape Horn

14 days

Mar / Nov

From AU$20,290 to AU$34,200

Easter Island to Tahiti: Tales of the Pacific

18 days


From AU$24,590 to AU$51,890

Exploring Russia's Far East & Wrangel Island

13 days


From AU$22,290 to AU$42,430

French Polynesia: Beyond the Postcard

8 days

Apr / May

From AU$10,620 to AU$23,020

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

12 days

Jan / Feb / Nov / Dec

From AU$19,070 to AU$39,670

Patagonia: Chilean Fjords and Argentina's Staten Island

9 days

Mar / Nov

From AU$13,480 to AU$25,190

Tahiti to the Marquesas: French Polynesian Discovery

9 days


From AU$10,620 to AU$23,070

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