Guest Comments

Comments from our guests arranged alphabetically, from Alaska to Vietnam

  • Alaska
    "This was a fantastic experience that combined informative information, wonderful scenery, and great company."
    -Danya K.
    "Everyone was knowledgeable and well able to explain and share their information with anyone. Their enthusiasm is contagious!"
    -Peter & Ann G.
    "Absolutely astounding! We were engaged continuously and learned so much."
    -Lynne F.
    "Extremely positive. There is a great culture of helpfulness and enthusiasm on the ship."
    -Ron & Mary Ann A.
    "Thank you for keeping a focus on safety. The teamwork of the staff, including the naturalist, did not go unnoticed. Good job! Thank you for creating a trip that presented so many memorable moments. Truly the best vacation I have had! AWESOME!"
    -Janice C.
    "MORE than lived up to our expectations! SO glad we picked Lindblad!"
    -Rosemary & John M.
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  • Amazon
    "The personal interactions among all of us and the naturalists and crew were marvelous. The fact of the cultural focus was a pleasant surprise. We loved this trip. Birds! Monkeys (a surprise)!"
    -Marcia M.
    "Excellent staff, educational opportunities, and respect of local culture and environment."
    -Ann G.
    "Praises to the chef and his crew for the best Lindblad foods so far. Wow! I loved the use of local fruits, etc. and special sauces. Keep the chef. He is excellent and we are foodies."
    -Kay G.
    "A great way to experience the Amazon. First class, educational."
    -Barbara & Terry C.
    "Loved the visits to the towns, the night walk, skiff rides. "
    -Margie & John D.
    "Lots of passion and local knowledge."
    -Carole & Jim M.
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  • Antarctica
    "Albatross, emperor penguins, Palmer Station rescues, sea ice, Lemaire Channel, wow. Just wow. And, such a crew to make it all happen safely and seemingly effortlessly. "
    -Kristi K.
    "Incredible journey and experience! Very well organized and absolutely professional. Ship was extremely comfortable and expeditions were full of wonder!"
    -Gregory W.
    "An extraordinary team of the highest quality. The presentations were one of the highlights of the trip."
    -Niel K.
    "The officers and crew were very professional and approachable. I felt that they took our safety and happiness very seriously"
    -Donna T.
    "Very much enjoyed the presentation by the killer whale researchers and your efforts to support their work are laudable. Photo guidance and inspiration were HELPFUL. I actually learned things I could apply to future trips! Finally, your efforts to locate and maneuver to find wildlife added immensely to the experience."
    -Lisa P.
    "What a fantastic journey! We appreciated the wonderful staff and crew and enjoyed this opportunity to explore such an unusual place."
    -Carissa W.
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  • Arctic
    "Staff were truly excellent. Knowledgeable and personable, everything you could want."
    -Kim C.
    "The safety considerations and thoughtfulness of this captain and crew, combined with the educational and informative presentations and presenters, are why I choose Lindblad-National Geographic for my expeditions."
    -Julia H.
    "All staff were outstanding. Don't forget the photographers, that's why we come!"
    -Pat W.
    "The cultural activities were wonderful and it seemed like we were warmly welcomed each time we stopped."
    -Bonnie R.
    "Excellent resources and crew. Impressive organization."
    -Cathy R.
    "This trip far exceeded my expectations. It was money very well spent. I will never forget it."
    -Merewyn H.
  • Baja California
    "The whale sightings were fantastic. Touching the gray whales, a once in a lifetime experience."
    -Connie C.
    "What a pleasure this week was. Can't believe how fast it went! Thank you all for providing memories that will be with us always. The interactions with the whales were nothing short of magical."
    -Dianna & Sarah
    "We love to travel with Lindblad/National Geographic. The naturalists and photographers really make the experience exceptional."
    -Maureen B.
    "Much more enjoyable than ordinary "cruise"!"
    -David S.
  • Caribbean
    "The Sea Cloud is fabulous, and being on board and sailing is a real privilege!"
    -Cory S.
    "It surpased my greatest expectation!"
    -Mary A.
    "We love the Lindblad experience and consider no other group when planning our next trip. Thank you all…for making such a great experience for us"
    -Ellie C. and Al B.
    "The trip was priceless! The Sea Cloud is priceless!"
    -Alison S.
    "Again, the trip of a lifetime. "
    -Sharon and Bob F.
  • Costa Rica & Panama
    "The naturalist guides were all truly excellent, which is what makes this trip very special."
    -Katie T.
    "Enjoyed learning about the environment and creatures by taking pictures. The snorkeling and kayaking was a treat."
    -Barbara W.
    "Expedition leader, a real gem, very efficient. Staff, knowledge abounds with lots of passion, humor, and lots of good eyes!"
    -Thomas T.
    "This is best trip I have ever taken (I travel 3-4 times a year)."
    -Elisa W.
    "The food was outstanding, very healthy and fresh. Great baked goods!"
    -Katie T.
    "I was impressed with the knowledge of the expedition staff. They all made the hikes more informative and fun and this is the one aspect that differentiates you from other tours."
    -David S.
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  • Galápagos
    "The staff are top-notch. You have a great crew here who work well together. Several of the guides just exuded a love of this place, this wasn't just a "cruise," it was a profound experience on many levels."
    -Amy B.
    "This is our first Lindblad Expedition. When we knew we wanted to come to the Galápagos, we thought you were best. The naturalists on this trip were awesome! We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and love the continued efforts to protect this amazing place. We promise to help support the Galápagos, both now, and in the future."
    -Linda & Keith
    "This is the best trip we have ever taken. We have been all over the world and nothing else compares."
    -Barry Z.
    "I have waited so long to take this expedition and it was well worth the wait. All activities were extremely well-planned and so much was able to be enjoyed. My photography skills were enhanced by the wonderful guest photographers. Thank you so much."
    -Kathy C.
    "Very diverse and fascinating places to visit and excellent naturalists! Very knowledgeable."
    -Molly & Blair E.
    "I loved how active we were and how many opportunities we had to experience the islands in different ways."
    -Laura V.
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  • Mediterranean
    "We had high expectations and the whole experience exceeded them. Majestic boat, friendly/attentive staff, great outings."
    -Tim & Jody R.
    "Opened a new world for me."
    -Sheila Ann S.
    "Everyone was knowledgeable, fun, experienced, and confident. Transitions were seamless."
    -Tim & Jody R.
    "Everyone at every level of crew to expedition team to guides to transport team was excellent. I injured my foot prior to the trip and everyone took my needs into consideration. I can't thank everyone enough for all their kindness."
    -Paul L. & Kathy T.
    "Fabulous! I cannot express my thanks enough for how nice everyone treated me."
    -Paul L. & Kathy T.
  • Pacific Northwest
    "Doesn't get better, a brilliant staff."
    -Stephanie O.
  • Scotland
    "Historian was outstanding!"
    -Mary Sue O.
    "Everything was done to accommodate our every interest and wish."
    -Kathleen B.
    "The dining room staff was very accommodating. They were charming."
    -Paula B.
    "Outstanding. A "dream come true" trip."
    -Gabrielle P. and Charles S.
  • Vietnam & Cambodia
    "This trip has been an amazing experience! I'm grateful to the staff and guides for making it so memorable and incredible!"
    -R. S.
    "Absolutely terrific! Enjoy unique cultural experience."
    -Diane & Len Y.
    "The ship staff was always very attentive and greeted you by name. Ship staff was always polite and helpful. The Jahan is a beautiful ship. The variety of modes of travel and the variety of excursions were obviously well planned out. I came away from the trip with a greater understanding of Cambodia and Vietnam."
    -Ellen N.
    "Wonderful meals all using locally sourced ingredients and native fruits, etc. Band was great, lots of fun!"
    -Robert & Peg G.
    "Excellent staff. Local guides were terrific too."
    -Robyn K.
    "Every Lindblad rep on this trip was great! I enjoyed traveling with them all."
    -Robyn K.
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