Datazone: Galápagos Science Commons

Sharing the wildness of the islands with people around the world

The Galápagos Science Commons was established to make the Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS)’s data and information about flora and fauna of the islands available in Spanish and English on the web, free to all. The website is called Datazone.

Since 2010, Datazone has enabled researchers, citizen scientists, and nature lovers to find out about the natural history and distribution of Galápagos species. It also includes threats to species, and allows users to look up scientific names and species information. Support provided by the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Fund has enabled major changes and upgrades to Datazone.

New features have been added to the Collections, Checklists, Metrological Database and Galápagos Research sections of the website. Information on species data, origin, IUCN Status as well as distribution (powered by Google Maps) is now easily accessible. Support from Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic guests allows CDRS to add new data on a daily basis, and to date data on over 10,000 species entries are now stored online.

Datazone also offers Galápagos research articles from printed scientific journals. Now, for the first time, anyone can go online to research and download hundreds of scientific publications for free.

There has been much interest in Datazone from the Galápagos community. The CDRS’s education team visited schools on the four populated islands to present workshops on how to use the website. The CDRS aims to continue promoting this innovative tool to teachers, children, naturalist guides, and the local public as well as reaching out to audiences worldwide.

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