Global Stewardship

Inspiring people to explore and care about the planet

One of our governing principles is to positively impact the areas we explore and in which we work. To this end, we created the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic (LEX-NG) Fund to support projects at the global, regional, and local level. We aim to protect the last wild places in the ocean, support innovative local projects, and facilitate conservation, research, education, and community development projects in the places we explore.

Together with our guests, we have granted more than $14 million to projects in the regions we visit. 100% of guest contributions go directly to on-the-ground projects since Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic covers the LEX-NG Fund’s operating costs. We believe in dreaming big and thinking outside the box. These are some of our key initiatives, arranged by geographic locations. For all of our projects worldwide, click here to read our latest Impact Report.

Alaska Global Stewardship

Preserving wildlife and clean water from the rivers to the ocean

Amazon Global Stewardship

Creating a better future for the region’s local people. See how

Antarctica Global Stewardship

Working to study the marine mammals who frequent these waters. Learn more

Arctic Global Stewardship

Sharing and protecting the wonder of the High Arctic

Baja Global Stewardship

Supporting conservation where the desert meets the sea

British & Irish Isles Global Stewardship

Sharing and conserving the British & Irish Isles and beyond

Canada Global Stewardship

Preserving and sharing our interconnected oceans

Central America Global Stewardship

Promoting responsible artisanal fishing practices & market connections

Europe Global Stewardship

Helping coastal communities by protecting the last wild places in the ocean

Galápagos Global Stewardship

A different, deeper relationship with Galápagos, since 1967. See the work

Pacific Northwest Global Stewardship

Preserving salmon and restoring their river habitats

Patagonia Global Stewardship

Preserving the South American West Coast and beyond

Vietnam & Cambodia Global Stewardship

Expanding economic opportunities for rural children & adults through education

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