Victor Rueda


Living between oceanic islands and the Ecuadorian Amazon, Victor is a new naturalist guide of the Galápagos National Park. His family arrived to San Cristóbal Island, capital of Galápagos, in 1910. Always connected with the sea, when Victor was a child, he spent his time fishing and identifying fish off the local pier of Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island.

For educational reasons, he returned to mainland Ecuador and participated in local projects including helping in organic cocoa fields in the southern coastal region. Nowadays, he is finishing his career as an ecosystem engineer at IKIAM University located in Ecuadorian Amazon, where he is working together with professors and scientists on projects involving palm tree phenology and the monitoring of mammals in the transitional Amazon rain forest.

He is additionally interested in research back home in the Galápagos. Specifically, areas of resource management and conservation, such as modeling population dynamics of endemic species with a focus on sustainable development on the inhabited islands.

When he has free time, Victor draws comic book portraits, as well as scientific illustrations and cartoons. He also enjoys freediving, CrossFit, boxing, and hiking. 

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