Why Lindblad-National Geographic?

A Lindblad-National Geographic expedition is arguably the most exhilarating overseas adventure experience a person can have. Nothing else comes close to approximating its authenticity and all-five-senses engagement. We offer you the world’s ultimate, authentic expedition experience: Discover the planet’s most remarkable places, accompanied by experts able to illuminate all you see, and with cool tools  to use to explore up close and personally.


Our Fleet

Ten ships exploring the planet's most interesting places. See our ships and where they sail

Expedition Heritage

From 1966, the 1st “citizen” expedition to Antarctica, to now

The Expedition Experience

“A helluva way to have a great time” is one description. See more

National Geographic On Board

Explorers, photographers & more: See the company we keep

Lindblad Expeditions & Nat Hab Adventures

The best in exploration & adventure by land & sea

Lindblad Expeditions & Off the Beaten Path

Together for future adventures

Guest Comments

See what our guests have to say

Global Stewardship

We are committed to positively impacting the places we explore. Read about our global stewardship projects and see how we are changing the world.

In The News

The latest articles from print and around the web

Family and Multi-Generational Travel

An expedition is an awesome shared experience for travelers of all ages

Jeopardy! & Us

Inspiring people to explore and know the world

Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship

Professional Development Opportunities for K-12 Educators

National Geographic Global Explorers Program!

Our exclusive, new family program is smart fun for kids and teens

Expedition Photography

This exclusive program puts pros on board & at your service

Expedition Music

All expertly curated by ethnomusicologist Jacob Edgar, these carefully-crafted playlists transport you around the globe through diverse yet accessible musical selections.

The Lindblad Expedition Team

Our reputation rests on our renowned staff. See the team

Tools for Exploration Travel

All ships are equipped with cool tools. See them

Wild Personalities

Wild Personalities

Women Explorers

Women's History Month

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