Staying Connected While Traveling

Whether it’s email, fax, internet or phone, we’ve got you covered.

Satellite internet access is available through the purchase of pre-paid internet access debit cards onboard. Once purchased, the debit cards can be used to access the internet on your personal laptop at select wireless access points onboard, or at the Internet Kiosks located onboard.  Information on pricing and guidance logging on is provided for your reference.

Pre-Paid Access Debit Card Pricing

Gold Plan:    250 minutes for $100.00 ($0.40 per minute)
Silver Plan:  100 minutes for $55.00 ($0.55 per minute)
White Plan:  30 minutes for $22.50 ($0.75 per minute)

Debit Card Use 
Once you have purchased a card from the Global Gallery/Market, you’re ready to begin. The cards are used in the same way as most calling cards, by entering a Username located on the back of the card and scratching off the silver strip on back of the card to determine the Pin.  Please note the following:

  • Cards are valid onboard select Lindblad Expeditions vessels for one year after initial activation.
  • Minutes can be used anytime throughout the voyage. They do not have to be used in a single session.
  • A debit card first used for wireless access or network access on a personal laptop can also be utilized at the internet kiosk and vice versa.
  • You will not be charged access time while visiting
  • Please note that when our vessels are operating at high northern or southern latitudes, or in deep fjords, satellite internet access may not be possible.

Guest Cabin Internet Access
Note:  National Geographic Endeavour National Geographic Explorer Only

Each cabin is wired for internet access. There is a green Ethernet cable that is generally located in your desk drawer.   Wireless access may occasionaly be accesible from a cabin however, wired Ethernet cables will provide a more reliable connection from the cabin.  Wireless access is available, however the signal will be stronger and more reliable in designated public areas.  These areas are described onboard each ship in the Guest Directories.

Wireless Internet Access 
There are wireless access points onboard located on various public spaces and outside decks. They are available for your use 24 hours a day. Once you have acquired a debit card described above, follow these instructions to login: 

On your laptop, search for the access point SSID of mtndsi.  Once connected, open your internet browser and follow steps four through nine described above.

  • If you forget to logout when using a Laptop, the system will automatically log you off within 3 minutes of no network activity.
  • Please Note: Even though most laptops will automatically detect and connect to our wireless network in the designated Wireless Access Area, each laptop is configured differently. Some settings may need to be changed to facilitate wireless connectivity.
  • For additional information see one of the “Technology Services” binders located at the Internet or Photo Kiosks. 
Photo Kiosks

There are at least two digital Photo Kiosks aboard every ship in the Lindblad-National Geographic fleet (National Geographic Explorer, Orion, Endeavour, Islander, Sea Bird, Sea Lion). The Kiosk is an iMac with attachments for a wide variety of memory card readers, USB, Thunderbolt, and Firewire ports. The Kiosk is aboard to help you manage your digital photo storage. Be sure to plan ahead for your storage needs! Many guests shoot far more photos than they anticipate and run out of memory card space. If you plan on leaving your laptop at home and using the Photo Kiosk to manage your photo storage, be sure to bring a portable hard drive or several USB drives with ample space. 


Our satellite telephone system is available for your use 24 hours a day  through the purchase of pre-paid debit cards onboard. The cards have a Username and a Pin that can be accessed by scratching off the silver strip on the back of the card.

Our fax machine is available for transmission and receipt of faxes and is located in the Bridge. For assistance with fax transmission or questions about pricing, please consult the Hotel Manager or the Watch Officer on duty.

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