The Expedition Experience

Infinite shades of azure. Secluded atolls. The sultry perfume of Tiare Tahiti (gardenia). To this day French Polynesia and the South Pacific conjure up the romantic notions brought back by the legendary European explorers who discovered it hundreds of years ago. We’ve been exploring the “Pearl of the Pacific” since the 1980s and our South Pacific cruise experience is key to helping you truly "get lost" in this tropical paradise.

  • What It's Like/What You'll Do

    Explore seldom-seen islands, atolls, reefs & villages. See how

  • Cultural Experiences

    Discover welcoming people who still live by their ancestral traditions. Meet them

  • South Pacific Wildlife

    Experience the world’s most dazzling marine environments, rare birds, & more. What you’ll see

  • Pack Your Camera

    Document this extraordinary journey in the South Pacific with help from our Expedition Photography program. Find out more

  • South Pacific Expedition Team

    Explore with engaging companions dedicated to delivering meaningful experiences. See who’s aboard

  • Life Aboard

    Travel in expedition elegance aboard National Geographic Orion. Preview the experience

  • Daily Expedition Reports

    What happens out there? Daily field reports with photos and video

  • Top 10 Reasons

    See why exploring the Pacific Islands with us should be on your must-do list

South Pacific & French Polynesia Itineraries

Azure Seas from Tahiti to the Marquesas

15 days
Expeditions in: Jun, Aug

Easter Island to Tahiti: Tales of the Pacific

18 days
Expeditions in: Mar, Aug

Epic Polynesia: Cook Islands to Fiji

15 days
Expeditions in: May

French Polynesia: Beyond the Postcard

8 days
Expeditions in: Apr, Jun, Jul, Aug

Isles, Atolls, and Pristine Corals: Southern Line Islands

8 days
Expeditions in: Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug

Sven went scouting the South Pacific