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Daily reports from our days in the field

  • Supay Creek, Iricahua Creek, & Yarapa River

    It was a splendid last day on Delfin II, sailing down the Ucayali River, and then back up the Marañon to Nauta.  We made the most of the floating forest, and partook in no fewer than three skiff excursions, observing woolly monkeys and hoatzins, along with a village visit to San José de Paranapura.  While onboard, we had plenty of entertainment as well – including a pisco sour class, guest slideshow, and live music at the farewell dinner.

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  • Pacaya River, Magdalena Creek

    Breakfast on the Pacaya River! Our amazing galley team concocted a scrumptious breakfast to be enjoyed in our skiffs surrounded by the Amazon rainforest! What a way to start the day!

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  • Ucayali, Belluda Caño, Río El Dorado

    Early morning found us on a treasure hunt aboard our trusty skiffs on the Ucayali River. The early bird gets the worm, but the early bird watcher gets the best birds! Macaws, parrots, egrets and herons, as well as a myriad of small opulent rainforest birds were the reward for getting up at the crack of dawn to go on a birding adventure!

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  • Marañon River, San Jorge & Lake Clavero

    Today we got the opportunity to see pygmy marmosets, scarlet macaws, and parakeets. We got to swim in the Ucayali River and circumnavigate Lake Clavero, an oxbow lake that was cut off from the main Ucayali flow several years ago.  But the ultimate highlight was our visit to the San Jorge Community.  This small “pueblo” of about 300 residents works with Minga Peru, the benefactor of our conservation fund, and strives to protect its forests and fisheries through various educational campaigns.  Learning about Minga Peru’s focus was inspiring, and playing with the children of the village was just plain delightful!

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  • Amazon Natural Park, Nauta Caño

    Privately held reserves around the world are often amongst the very best places to view wildlife. Here in this part of Peru the Amazon Natural Park is just such a place. In the rainforest the life is highly diverse, but also highly difficult to find and see. Utilizing local park guides in addition to our own naturalist significantly increases our wildlife viewing opportunities.

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  • Pahuachiro Creek, Casual Forest, & Yanayaku River

    Our first day in the Amazon was everything we had hoped for.  We awoke tied-off to a cecropia tree on the shores of the Marañon River, and loaded skiffs at six in the morning for our pre-breakfast bird-watching tour up Pahuachiro Creek. We then hiked through a private reserve where we saw a ten-foot long anaconda, a boa constrictor, a reticulated poison dart frog, and a tarantula. We finished our day with a ride up the Yanayaku River, with warm welcomes from a pair of pink river dolphins, and the highly sought-after hoatzin!

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  • Supay, Iricahua, and Pacalpa Caños

    This morning we explored two different small tributary creeks, known locally as Caños, via skiff. High water allows us to penetrate the flooded rainforest, giving us access to animals of all shapes and sizes we wouldn’t normally be able to view. This was truly an adventure, as we followed no prescribed course at all!

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  • Pacaya River and Magdalena Creek

    Pacaya River marks my favorite outing of this expedition. Here we find massive punga trees emerging from an extensive wetland, with large colonies of horned screamers and howling monkeys. We chose to extend our morning excursion to a four-hour tour, which included breakfast in the skiffs and a dip in the isolated Yanayacu Lagoon, surrounded by vibrant pink river dolphins. To have this remote wilderness all to ourselves made the day even more unique, and well worth the long journey from Nauta.

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  • Ucayali River, Belluda Creek, and Dorado River

    Halfway through the expedition, we are now accustomed to our 5:30 am wake-up call, and well aware that an early start means cool river temperatures and abundant wildlife. This morning didn’t disappoint. Excursions up the Ucayali River and Belluda Creek revealed monk saki monkeys, squirrel monkeys, colonies of macaws, and several hawks, all seen from skiffs, canoes, and paddle boards! We extended our afternoon excursion well past dusk, seeking out several juvenile white caimans in the wetlands of the Dorado River.

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  • Marayali Caño, Amazonas Village & Clavero Lake

    Today was another full day exploring the Amazon region. We began with a peaceful morning skiff ride on Marayali Caño where we saw teeming bird life. After breakfast we visited the small village of Amazonas along the banks of the Marañon River. The local people, known as ribereños, greeted us warmly into their homes and we were given a presentation on how the Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic Fund helps support these communities through Minga Peru. In the afternoon, we passed the mouth of the Amazon River and navigated up the Ucayali River where we took a dip in Clavero Lake.

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