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When visitors dive deeper into Iceland, they find so much more than they intended or expected. It is one of the few destinations in the world that has a little bit of everything. But many only see Reykjavík and its outer environs. While these are worthy destinations, and our guests will still experience those iconic sites, the real heart of the country is in its remote landscapes, vast interior, and hard-to-reach coastal gems where we center our explorations.


And for the 2021/22 seasons, we’ve curated nine incredible new activities on our Circumnavigation of Iceland expeditions to help you discover this island nation with all your senses. Choose from:


  • An exceptional culinary walk in Ísafjörður

  • Biking in scenic Bolungarvik

  • A tour of Iceland’s largest bird collection at the Sigurgeir’s Bird Museum

  • A rejuvenating body-and-soul experience at the tranquil GeoSea Baths

  • Hiking to the top of the striking Hálsar mountain range

  • 4x4 super jeep tour in the highlands and canyons of southeastern Iceland

  • Hiking dramatic black-sand beaches outside Djupivogur or taking an art and sculpture walk

  • Spotting teeming colonies of puffins, gannets, and guillemots at the Bird Cliffs of Heimaey

  • Beer tasting at a first-of-its-kind brewery in the Westman Islands




Godafoss aerial view of iceland coast

A Circumnavigation of Iceland

June, July, August 2021/2022 | 11 Days | Aboard National Geographic Explorer & National Geographic Resolution


Iceland’s geology in all its manifestations––glaciers, thundering waterfalls, immense cliffs, geothermal springs, boiling mud pots, and rock and lava-scapes of unearthly beauty––is world-class. It alone makes a circumnavigation a very compelling idea. And when you add in the other itinerary components––Iceland’s people, their unique cultural heritage and contemporary character, the island’s geography and birdlife––seeing it all in one 360º Iceland circumnavigation cruise expedition is irresistible.

Wild Iceland Escape

June, July 2021/2022 | 6 Days |

Aboard National Geographic Explorer & National Geographic Resolution


Discover why Iceland is known as the “land of fire and ice” on this 6-day escape to the remote fjords and volcanic isles along the country’s western coast. Sailing by ship offers a unique perspective of this island nation. Land at hard-to-reach coastal villages infused with the legacy of Viking explorers. Set out by Zodiac to view towering cliffs teeming with nesting seabirds. Hike the dramatic tundra punctuated with photogenic wildflowers. And for a closer look at Iceland’s interior choose your own adventure on one of three optional land extensions—from a thrilling heli-hiking tour of glaciers and ice caves to an exploration of the Snafellsnes peninsula’s epic natural wonders.

  faroe islands  



Legendary Northern Isles: Scotland, Faroes, & Iceland

June 2021/22  | 13 Days | Aboard National Geographic Explorer


Encounter Shetland ponies roaming verdant landscapes. Go back in time at Skara Brae, a 5,000-year-old stone-slab village on Orkney and see the mysterious standing stones of the Ring of Brodgar. Walk with a historian through Jarlshof archaeological site, a complex of ancient settlements spanning 4,000 years of human history. Meet the welcoming islanders who call the scenic Faroes home. Observe incredible birdlife—massive puffin colonies in the Faroes and Grimsey, and on the Cliffs of Noss, thousands of murres and kittiwakes. Experience a near circumnavigation of the geologic wonders of Iceland.

Volcanoes aren’t the only hot spots here, the culture scene is too!


Locals in Iceland and the Northern Isles hold fast to tradition and you’ll find it infused in many different facets of their culture—from music and dance to daily life. Thanks to our deeply rooted network in the region, we’ve created uncommon encounters that will connect you to these places in an incredibly authentic way. Learn more and listen here!




Try a Taste of Iceland


Arguably, no other ingredient says “Iceland” more than skyr. The country’s signature fresh cheese traces its history back to the Vikings who reportedly packed an acid whey byproduct—later named skyr—to preserve their meat and seafood on long treks. Watch as Icelandic cultural expert Dagny Ivarsdottir demonstrates the steps involved in making a Skyr cake, one of the nation’s traditional—and tastiest—desserts.


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