Nordic Passages: Shetlands, Orkney, Faroes, and Iceland

  • 13 Days
  • NG Orion
  • 102 Guests
  • Expeditions in: Jun / Aug
  • From AU$17,110 to AU$35,590

Itinerary Overview

Discover the historic & idyllic

Sail beneath the midnight sun, over seas steeped in Norse mythology, and along the route of the boldest Vikings who ventured west. Meet the welcoming islanders who call the scenic Faroes home—Danes by nationality and Vikings by blood. See the graves of their Viking ancestors and explore their tiny towns of turf-roofed homes. On Scotland’s outlying isles you’ll discover a 5,000-year-old village and see the mysterious standing stones of the Ring of Brodgar.

And in the west, on a near circumnavigation of Iceland, see this geologically roiling land just as the Vikings must have, from thundering waterfalls and boiling springs, to islands so young the earth still steams. This expedition enables you to:

  • See Iceland’s vast Vatnajökull icecap, third largest in the world, a seldom-seen sight to behold that is the focus of so much media attention
  • Sail under the towering bird cliffs of Noss that teem with murres and kittiwakes, and visit a colony of thousands of charismatic puffins in the Faroes
  • Discover a land of living geology: from boiling mud pools to spectacular waterfalls to the world’s youngest island
  • Meet welcoming locals—modern day Vikings—who make their lives in these spectacularly remote and beautiful lands
  • See the dramatic cliffs and sea stacks and stunning Viking relics

Just Added! Taste the Faroes with Culinary Naturalist Francis Lam
In 2014 on assignment for Bon Appetit, noted food writer Francis Lam visited the remote Faroe Islands. His article introduced American foodies to the "New Nordic cuisine" practiced there and the innovative chefs who won the islands its first Michelin star. With Francis as your guide you'll meet some remarkable individuals and discover this unique cuisine built on foraging, fermented lamb, and incredible seafood, including Faroese langoustines, universally considered the finest in the world.

Explore archeological & wild sites in the Shetlands
Sail past the raucous bird cliffs of Noss to see murres and kittiwakes. See charismatic—and photogenic—Shetland ponies, and walk through the 4,000-year-old Jarlshof archaeological site with a historian. Weather permitting, we’ll Zodiac ashore to climb into an Iron Age broch (fortified stone tower) on Mousa Island.

Experience the charming Faroe Islands
Visit the tiny capitol of Tórshavn where wooden boats bob in the harbor and modern day Vikings enjoy the long days of summer. Explore a 12th-century church, stroll historic settlements, see Viking graves, and villages with turf-roofed homes.  

An in-depth Iceland exploration
Complete a near-full circumnavigation of Iceland, from an iceberg-strewn lagoon to an Arctic Circle island, soaring cliffs populated with razorbills, a working eiderdown farm on an isolated peninsula, dynamic, volcanic islands and, finally, cosmopolitan Reykjavík.

Travel in excellent company
Explore under the sure guidance of an expedition leader, an assistant expedition leader, eight veteran naturalists, a National Geographic photographer, plus a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor, a Global Perspectives guest speaker, an undersea specialist, a wellness specialist and a video chronicler. Their knowledge and passion for the fascinating Arctic region is the key to your extraordinary experience. 

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