The Expedition Experience

Remote. Untrammeled. Spectacular. Our Antarctica expedition cruises are some of the most exhilarating adventures on Earth. There are many reasons for a trip to Antarctica. On this Antarctica wildlife cruise, you'll see scores of penguins and whales. Ice: an entire museum of colossal and magical ice forms defying description. And the dashing history of the Heroic Age of Exploration.

What It's Like/What You'll Do

It’s one of the last great wildernesses on Earth. Lindblad Expeditions brought the first citizen explorers there. See how actively you’ll explore it.

Antarctica Wildlife

Penguins, whales, leopard seals and Antarctic birds. This is just the beginning of your Antarctic wildlife adventure.

Antarctica Expedition Team

Learn more about the Lindblad Expedition naturalists, knowledgeable and engaging companions that will take you on an adventure of a lifetime.

Pack Your Camera

Antarctica is a photographer's paradise, and you will be traveling with photographers from National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions.

Global Perspectives

Share the adventure with interesting, engaging experts. See who’s coming

Life Aboard

Learn more about life aboard our expedition ships. They add a luxury of comfort and quality while aboard.

Antarctica & Families

Whether you are traveling as a family unit or as a multi generational clan, we offer you and yours far more than a physical space to be together.

Daily Expedition Reports

What happens out there? Daily field reports with photos and video

50 Years of Antarctic Exploration

In 1966 Lars-Eric Lindblad led the first-ever citizen explorer expedition. He brought 57 pioneering individuals with him. Learn about a piece of history.

Read Up, Gear Up

Smart books & useful recommendations on what to get, wear, pack, & more

Antarctica FAQs

Every question we’ve ever heard about our Antarctic expeditions answered

Top 10 Reasons

Between our experience, ultimate expedition ships for exploration, tools, and onboard specialists, nothing else compares. Find out why.

Global Stewardship

Protecting and studying the wildness at Earth’s end

Change: A Permanent Polar Art Exhibit

Artist Zaria Forman has curated the first-ever, permanent ship-based installation of art aboard the National Geographic Endurance.


The staff knowledge and experience was outstanding. Loved the humor.
Jim G.


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