Polar Regions

From the planet’s seldom-seen northernmost Arctic lands to the vastness of Antarctica, you’ll find that our 50 years of history, ice team, and polar expedition Arctic cruise ships ensure peak experiences in some of the planet’s most remote and beautiful places. Only by going where few have been before can you explore the Arctic regions’ iconic wildlife and land- and seascapes beyond compare. 


Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands

22 days

Feb / Nov

From AU$32,190 to AU$141,300


Epic Antarctica: From the Peninsula to the Ross Sea & Beyond

34 days

Jan / Dec

From AU$61,000 to AU$124,990


Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

12 days

Jan / Feb / Nov / Dec

From AU$18,680 to AU$91,380


South Georgia and the Falklands

17 days

Mar / Oct

From AU$22,870 to AU$44,440

Arctic & Russian Far East

A Circumnavigation of Iceland

10 days

Jul / Aug

From AU$14,330 to AU$28,740

Arctic & Russian Far East

Across the Bering Sea: From Katmai to Kamchatka

22 days

Jun / Jul

From AU$34,990 to AU$67,490

Arctic & Russian Far East

East Greenland: Wild Shores of the High Arctic

19 days

Aug / Sep

From AU$29,840 to AU$60,900

Arctic & Russian Far East

Norway's Fjords and Arctic Svalbard

16 days

May / Jun

From AU$24,470 to AU$48,240

Arctic & Russian Far East

Wild Iceland Escape

5 days


From AU$6,480 to AU$12,920

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