North America

For over 30 years we’ve been sharing the wildest and most interesting places with our guests on our North America tours. We deliver up close experiences with iconic wildlife in places like Southeast Alaska, Baja California, Costa Rica & Panama, the Pacific Northwest, Cuba, Canada, and Belize & Guatemala. Now with three North America travel expedition ships, including the new National Geographic Quest.


A Remarkable Journey to Alaska, British Columbia & Haida Gwaii

15 days

May / Sep

From AU$13,630 to AU$24,830


Epic Alaska: Misty Fiords to the Lynn Canal

11 days

Jun / Jul / Aug

From AU$11,240 to AU$19,680


Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness

8 days

May / Jun / Jul / Aug / Sep

From AU$7,490 to AU$14,290


Treasures of the Inside Passage: Alaska and British Columbia

14 days

Jun / Sep

From AU$12,490 to AU$19,950


Wild Alaska Escape

6 days

May / Jun / Jul / Aug

From AU$5,370 to AU$9,370

Baja California

Baja California and the Sea of Cortez: Among the Great Whales

8 days

Jan / Feb / Mar

From AU$8,240 to AU$15,620

Baja California

Baja California: A Remarkable Journey

16 days


From AU$14,370 to AU$24,870

Baja California

Base Camp Baja: Espiritu Santo

5 days

Jan / Dec

From AU$3,320 to AU$6,370

Baja California

Whales & Wildness: Spring in the Sea of Cortez

8 days

Mar / Apr

From AU$7,740 to AU$13,490


Sailing the Caribbean aboard Sea Cloud

8 days


From AU$10,800 to AU$21,470

Pacific Northwest

Columbia & Snake Rivers Journey: Harvests, History & Landscapes

7 days

Apr / Sep / Oct

From AU$6,120 to AU$10,790

Pacific Northwest

Exploring British Columbia and the San Juan Islands

8 days

Sep / Oct

From AU$5,870 to AU$10,680


The Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland

9 days


From AU$11,900 to AU$22,250


Cuba by Land and Sea: Cultural Heritage and Natural Wonders

11 days

Jan / Feb / Mar / Dec

From AU$11,880 to AU$19,130

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