Kayaking During a Costa Rica and Panama Cruise

Kayaking is a remarkable experience we offer to visitors during our Costa Rica and Panama cruise along the Pacific coast of Central America. We prepare our kayaks for exploration inside quiet mangrove areas where you can peer between the prop roots, or along sandy beaches and around small islets. Kayaks are launched from gently sloping white coralline beaches or directly from our mobile Zodiacs where shorelines are not available, allowing one the advantage of reaching the most interesting areas effortlessly. There is always a patrol Zodiac and natural history staff member accompanying you for directions, answers, and company.

On our Costa Rica and Panama cruise we carry with us these marvelous and maneuverable vessels which allow you to get as close to the marine or riverine environment as possible without getting wet. Kayaking areas are in calm waters which allows time to peer into the water (polarized sunglasses help enormously). The clarity of the water off the island of Coiba and Granito de Oro is generally excellent, while river estuaries inside Golfo Dulce are so nutrient-rich the waters are generally darker. In marine areas, life seen from kayaks would be the numerous species of corals, parrotfish, surgeonfish and damsels, with the occasional white-tipped reef shark putting in an appearance.

Each outing ends up being its own unique, enchanting, experience, and among the mangroves it is possible to spot green iguanas, herons, egrets and even perched frigates, not to mention the different species of mangroves themselves: red, white, black, and tea. It wouldn't be unusual to spot a sloth in the upper branches of rainforest trees overhanging the water either! Without a doubt you will want a camera with you, so a small waterproof bag comes in handy.

Always carry with you a water-bottle, and wear appropriate clothing for being out under the tropical sun: long-sleeves are recommended and a wide-brimmed hat. For visitors especially sensitive to sunburn, light-weight gloves for protection against the equatorial sun are useful. Even your upper thighs might be exposed, so go prepared, or take a towel! Usually some water splashes inside the kayak or on your lap, so shorts or bathing suits are often preferred by kayakers. Needless to say, waterproof sunblock is de rigueur!

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