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  • Isla Murciélago-Junquillal Wildlife Refuge

    Today, National Geographic Sea Lion has reached Isla Murciélago. The island is part of Santa Rosa National Park. Our guests had the chance to go snorkeling and on hikes in order to enjoy the beautiful views from the lookouts.

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  • Rincon de la Vieja National Park and Hacienda Guachipelin

    After sailing all night long, National Geographic Sea Lion arrived on time to Coco Beach. This Costa Rican town where our buses picked us up to venture inland in order to reach Rincon de la Vieja Volcano and Hacienda Guachipelin. Horseback riding at a traditional ranch in the land of cowboys of Costa Rica, ziplining, where this adrenaline activity was invented and hiking to the volcanic mud pots and bubble springs was a perfect offer for our guests in order to explore the beauty of this unique landscape.

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  • Caletas Bay & Corcovado National Park

    The last day of the trip found us anchored in front of the outer side of the Osa Peninsula. First thing in the morning, we were summoned early to disembark onto the privately owned Playa Caleta’s Wildlife Refuge.  We had many plans, five to be exact, and we could choose from anyone of them. Horseback riding, power or long forest hikes, the premises walk and finally the traditional “stationary hike” at the landing spot. We knew it was going to rain, but many were not prepared for the hard pouring rain under which we walked; and walk we did. Mud, sand, sweat, and pouring rain did not deter us from our outing; in fact, this morning’s hike is probably going to be the most memorable one of all. It is not a rainforest experience if there is not at least some rain.

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  • Genovesa Island

    Today National Geographic Islander as our last day is visiting Genovesa Island. This island has been isolated from the other island and is that is why any land animal could not make it here and it started a paradise for birds. Is here where we can have the opportunity to photograph the red-footed boobies and explore this amazing area kayaking and snorkeling.

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  • Curú Wildlife Refuge

    Today in the morning, National Geographic Sea Lion visited Curú Wildlife Refuge – the first privately-run protected area of its kind in Costa Rica. Our guests had the chance to see a wide diversity of wildlife, including many different species of mammals.

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  • Sombrero Chino & Sullivan Bay

    Today we woke up close to a channel with crystal clear water and black lava fields surrounding us. We explored the channel with water activities, first with a kayak and a Zodiac ride outing and then we jumped in the water for some magical snorkeling.

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  • Santa Rosa Island

    On our second day here in the Channel Islands, we awoke near the shores of Santa Rosa. From the sandy beaches of this beautiful location we hiked in search of the native torrey pine, kayaked among the fringes of the kelp forest, and enjoyed a rare rainy day in the national park. In the afternoon we set off in search of wildlife and found ourselves watching northern elephant seals on the wild shores of San Miguel Island, one of the most windswept of the Channel Islands.

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  • Golfo Dulce

    After a smooth navigation westward, we arrived at Costa Rica. Either by kayaks or by Zodiacs, every single guest got to enjoy the richness of this tropical deep-water golf surrounded by an exuberant and bountiful forest.

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  • South Plaza Island and Santa Fe Island

    Two fabulous islands with a focus on land iguanas, but also so much more! South Plaza in the morning is a seabird haven. As one walks along the upper trail a few steps back from the cliff edge, all kinds of seabirds catch the updraft and fly by, almost at eye-level. Land iguanas were showing signs of courtship, head-nodding to each other and looking their best. Sea lions lined the lower shore, sleeping, nursing, barking, calling, and bleating.

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  • Lemaire Channel, Yalour Islands & Paradise Bay

    This morning we navigated through the seven-mile long Lemaire Channel, a narrow and absolutely stunning passage past towering mountains, glaciers, and icebergs. When we arrived at the Yalour Islands, we paddled kayaks through glassy water and brash ice. Zodiacs cruised around the low, rocky islets, where Adélie penguins were nesting on patches of bare rock. Upon returning to the ship, nearly 60 brave guests did the polar plunge—they jumped into the icy Antarctic water (and quickly got out!) Under clear skies in Paradise Bay, we had glorious views from a snowy hilltop, then we sat on our rears and slid downhill—a very fun ride! After dinner, the twilight seemed to last forever as white mountains glowed under magical light.

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