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  • Dundas Bay & Glacier Bay National Park

    It was truly a day of expedition aboard National Geographic Sea Bird. We explored a primitive area of Glacier Bay National Park by foot and expedition landing craft. Most people will visit Glacier Bay when they come to the park, either via big ship, tour operator, or kayak. Today, we had the privilege of visiting Dundas Bay, just west of Glacier Bay proper—and not on the tourist circuit at all. As such, we did not see any other people for the entire day.

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  • Lake Eva & Cruising Chatham Strait

    “Exceeding expectations” is the understatement of the week. Whether it is the weather, the landscape, or the wildlife, Alaska has been astounding guests time and time again. This morning, we woke up in Peril Strait, on our way to anchor in Hanus Bay on Baranof Island. Here, guests hiked along the length of Eva Stream to Lake Eva, looking at pink, chum, and sockeye salmon while others kayaked in Hanus Bay – some even got a glimpse at another mother brown bear and her cub before they dashed back into the forest!

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  • Lorino village, Chukotka, Russia

    A leisurely morning was welcomed by all after the excitement of whales with dinner and the crew show for dessert. After lunch, we headed to the small Inuit village of Lorino. We were treated not only with a sunny calm afternoon, but dances, tug-of-war with the locals, canoe races, and a sampling of local foods. All ashore enjoyed mingling with the locals, bird watching, and strolling through the village overlooking the Bering Sea.

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  • Santiago Island

    Santiago, located central part of the archipelago, is the fourth largest island in the Galapagos. Today we had a day full of activities on this wonderful island. The early risers hopped into Zodiacs and headed to shore for a hike at Espumilla beach, while other guests went out kayaking along the shore. After breakfast, we moved to Buccaneer Cove, a former pirate haunt where we had another round of kayaking, as well as deep-water snorkeling and glass bottom boat outings. We were ready to explore and discover the magic of the island, and we were not disappointed—we swam with white-tipped reef sharks, Galapagos sharks, sea lions, and many colorful fish.

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  • Haines, Alaska

    Early this morning, we cruised north through the stunningly beautiful Lynn Canal en route to Haines. Lynn Canal is a fjord almost 90 miles in length and 2,000 ft. deep—it’s the deepest fjord in North America. The incredibly steep walls and the deep water below are both great testament to the power of ice—glaciers about one-mile thick carved all of Southeast Alaska.

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  • LeConte Glacier & Petersburg

    Early risers were treated to an atmospheric morning at the mouth of LeConte Bay this morning. Despite being tn miles from the front of the glacier, its status as one of the most productive glaciers (in terms of iceberg production both above and below water) meant the horizon was dotted with floating crystals of azul blue. As the tide drops in the shallow mouth of the bay, icebergs are left exposed above the water, creating a safe environment for Zodiacs to wind their way along an iceberg alley. Guests were treated to the many magical shapes and forms that icebergs can take. Snowfall high up in the Stikine ice field is compressed over many hundreds of years into ice which is then twisted and contorted as part of the glacier, before being ejected in the bay to be exposed to melting by the warmer water in the bay.

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  • Wrangel Island and Bering Strait

    Today was spent transiting the Chukchi Sea between Wrangel Island and the Bering Strait. After several busy and eventful days spent exploring the island, many people welcomed the opportunity to relax for a day and spent the time in a variety of ways.

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  • Westman Islands, Iceland

    Our last day circumnavigating Iceland found us in the Westman Islands, where we headed toward the largest of 15 islands that make up the archipelago and the southernmost town in Iceland, Heimaey. In windy conditions, our captain and the local pilot skillfully navigated one of Iceland’s narrowest harbors, re-sculptured by a major volcanic eruption in 1973.

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  • Isabela Island

    Today was our last day in the western realm of the Galápagos Archipelago, and we spent all day in the biggest island, Isabela Island, which conforms 58% of the total land mass of the Galápagos. Five volcanoes that joined at their bases formed Isabela Island; one of these volcanoes is called Alcedo. We spent our morning hiking at the base of Alcedo volcano, observing land iguanas coming out of their burrows and Alcedo giant tortoises walking on our trails.

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  • Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier

    Delightfully amazing would be an accurate description of our morning. We awoke in Endicott Arm of the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness to sunny skies and a crisp fall bite to the morning air. The scenery of the fjord was stunning: Massive chunks of ice floating peacefully, harbor seals playing hide and seek among ’bergs, and an impressive calving of ice from the face of Dawes Glacier. We sighted a black bear on shore as we navigated out of the fjord in the later afternoon. The day closed with a sunset warming the clouds to a peachy glow. A perfect start for our adventures in Southeast Alaska!

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