Boca de la Soledad

Mar 14, 2020 - National Geographic Sea Lion

Known as the mouth of solitude, it connects Bahia Magdalena to the Pacific. A congregating area for adult gray whales and mother calf pairs. This was the setting for our first full day of whale watching aboard National Geographic Sea Lion. And what a first day we had! Guest experienced a full spectrum of whale behavior – from breaches and spy hops to complete baths in the exhaled mists of surfacing whales. The end of the day resonates with the sounds of Los Coyotes de Magdalena and the Desert Flower Dancers.

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About the Author

Daniel Baldwin


An educator at heart, Dan finds great joy in opening doors for others to explore and connect with the world around them. He has taught marine sciences in the Florida Keys and on Catalina Island, and science and math in international schools in Mexico, Costa Rica, and the South Pacific. 

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