Faring Drake Passage

Dec 12, 2019 - National Geographic Orion

After a long day travelling down to the ship it was good to have a day at sea to unpack and take in where we were and where we were sailing to. After breakfast the day started with an introduction to the expedition team covering specialities from birds to whales and scuba diving to photography. We then had a presentation and breakout session to help with photography during the trip with an aim to help people figure out their own specific settings and which settings to use for specific situations. Lunchtime followed and then the busiest part of the day: the Antarctic briefing and decontamination. This is done to avoid introducing invasive species and bacteria to the area. We then had a presentation on the Antarctic treaty – one that has allowed Antarctica to stay as a continent for international cooperation and science. The finally we got to meet our captain of the voyage during his hosted cocktail session in the evening. First day of the trip here! At sea but still plenty busy!

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About the Author

Peter Webster

Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Born in Scotland, Peter became fascinated with nature and wildlife from a very young age. This early interest led to him earning a degree in conservation biology followed shortly after by an M.Sc in marine and fisheries ecology. He is currently studying for another M.Sc in digital mapping. After working as a commercial diver for several years Peter was offered the position of Field Diving Officer with the British Antarctic Survey in 2012. He then spent the next 16 months in the Antarctic, stationed at Rothera Research Station, on the peninsula where he managed the dive operations and a team of scientific divers working on a wide range of research on climate change, ocean acidification, and increased seabed disturbance by icebergs. As well as diving Peter also spent several months in the Antarctic deep field working in aircraft operations, depot laying, and meteorological work whilst living in tents in conditions below -30oC.

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