Salisbury Plain, South Georgia

Oct 31, 2019 - National Geographic Explorer

We have arrived at South Georgia! The “Serengeti of the Southern Ocean,” South Georgia is one of the world’s most majestic and awe-inspiring places. After a very gentle night at sea, we caught our first glimpse of the island from across the breakfast table. After the morning’s navigation and a talk from our naturalist Sheri about her experience living on South Georgia, we arrived at the sight of our afternoon operation. Salisbury Plain is the home of over 60,000 king penguin pairs, and countless southern elephant seals, sub-Antarctic fur seals, giant petrels, skuas, snowy sheathbills, pipits, and on and on. We walked dumbstruck among the animals, wondering if it was real or just a Halloween trick. What a marvelous introduction to an incredibly special place.

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About the Author

James Hyde


James is your typical free-range Pacific Northwest outdoorsy type. Born in Seattle and reared nearby on Vashon Island, he is most comfortable in slightly cold and damp weather. James joined the Lindblad team in July 2016 as a dive buddy and has been in love with expedition travel since. On his own he has traveled to Europe, Asia, and Australia, but with Lindblad he hopes to continue his adventures across the globe, searching out the beauties of the natural world. An avid scuba diver James can’t help being excited about whales, sharks, and pinnipeds, but he will also happily bend your ear about underwater slugs and invertebrates. It’s best just to humor him about these things.

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