Santiago Island

Jul 25, 2019 - National Geographic Islander

An early pre-breakfast outing on Espumilla beach was our first activity of the day, and along the shore we spotted different bird species such as flycatchers, blue-footed boobies, and yellow warbler. After breakfast, we took to the water on kayaks, paddleboards, or donning snorkel gear, immersing ourselves in colorful schools of fish along the rocky reefs of Tagus Cove.

For our afternoon’s activity, we headed to Puerto Egas. Whether photographing sea lions basking in the sun or the beautiful shoreline and surrounding landscape, Puerto Egas provides a great backdrop for both professional and amateur photographers alike. We finished our day with a delicious dinner served on the sky deck of National Geographic Islander, and shared photos and stories of our day.

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About the Author

Javier Carrion


Javier grew up on Santa Cruz island where his grandparents first arrived in the 1940´s. Veritable pioneers, his grandparents settled in the highlands where they found a place to raise their children.

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