Angkor Ban – Wat Nokor, Kampong Cham

Mar 01, 2019 - The Jahan

We commenced this morning with another fresh session of Tai Chi on the deck as we cruised along the Mekong River. After a hearty breakfast, we disembarked Jahan and, led by our dear guides Vuthy and Ritty, visited the remote village on Angkor Ban.

Our walk through this village was truly fascinating. We saw locals going about their day-to-day life and saw many happy children. We even managed a brief visit to one of the century-old wooden house structures. Afterward, we happened into a busy marketplace nearby. It really was something to watch the buzzing exchange of daily life here as well as the unique forms of transport on the main roadway.

Back aboard, we participated in a Buddhist monk blessing in the lounge learning all about the culture and traditions of Theravada Buddhism.

After lunch we went arrived back ashore at Kampong Cham for a visit to the Angkorian temple of Wat Nokor. This twelfth century temple has an active monastery contained within the ruins. Once we had explored this temple, it was back to the thriving town on the Mekong River to observe the unique bamboo bridge which provides access across the Mekong after every wet season between Angkor Ban and Koh Pen Island.

By sunset we were all back on board Jahan for a late afternoon cruise, and just in time for our crew presentation and voyage’s the final dinner. It was a fitting conclusion to celebrate our days on Jahan, days that were thoroughly enjoyed by all. Tomorrow we begin the next exciting phase of the expedition when we travel to Siem Reap to further explore ancient Angkorian temples.

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