Rangiroa Atoll, French Polynesia

Jul 26, 2018 - National Geographic Orion

Today was a great day, and we had perhaps the best snorkeling of the trip. We took a soft walk by the coast and crossed the lagoon to search for baby sharks. ;We relished in this moment with nature.

As the name of this expedition “Beyond the Postcard” implies, we’ve had seven days of incredible experiences in French Polynesia, learning about our surroundings, animals, and the different islands. Although it’s time to say goodbye as we reach our final destination, Rangiroa, we hope to return to the wonderful South Pacific. Thank you all for a great experience!

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About the Author

Atariki Cristino

Cultural Specialist

Born in one of the most fascinating places in Polynesia, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Atariki or Ata is the son of two of the most renowned archaeologists in the world specializing in the island and Polynesia, Claudio Cristino and Patricia Vargas. Half Italian and half Chilean, Ata has lived in intercultural situations since childhood and was influenced in his upbringing by natives of the island, under constant exposure in the field. Exploration, archaeological research, stories of the ancients, and restorations were only the beginning of his instruction on the fabulous cultures of Polynesia.

About the Videographer

Dexter Sear

Video Chronicler

Dexter grew up in England where a love for exploring the countryside ignited a lifelong passion for discovering natural history and embarking on adventure. As a teenager, two trips to India sparked a fascination with insects and a desire to share a “hidden” macro world was born. He produced a popular insect website and authored a reader digest about cultural entomology.

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