Iquitos Caño; Marañón River

Jul 09, 2018 - Delfin II

The Marañón has plenty of landscapes in its hundreds of miles of extension and plenty of tributaries that provide the massive amount of waters that form it. Even in low water season, it is an impressive river. We explored one of the many narrow ‘caños’ (tributaries) early in the morning, when the wildlife is more active and visible. After breakfast, we went for our first hike in these cathedrals of green formed by massive and imposing trees that we were able to explore from a canopy level. The day ended with another exploration in skiff, surrounded by shy pink dolphins and thousands of birds. Not a bad start to our Amazon expedition!

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Santiago Imberti


An ornithologist, photographer, fisherman, climber, and writer, Santiago Imberti was born and raised in southern Patagonia, Argentina. He obtained a degree in tourism and later in ornithology, which allowed him to combine his love for nature and the outdoors with his work as a birdwatcher, naturalist, fly fishing, and mountain guide. He has been guiding trips in Patagonia, the Antarctic, and Arctic for some 25 years.

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