Takatz Bay, Alaska

Jun 07, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

We awoke in Takatz Bay. Entering the back of the bay by expedition landing craft, paddleboard, and kayak, we were greeted by abundant waterfalls pouring from dramatic granitic domes. The final day of our trip included exciting wildlife sightings on both land and in the water, as well as hikes past magnificent old growth spruce and hemlock on the Lake Eva trail. Laughter shared among new friends and a stunning sunset concluded the trip.

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Chelsea Leven


Time among frogs and hardwood forests established Chelsea’s love for the outdoors as a child in the snowbelt of northeast Ohio. Impelled by curiosity about the natural world, she signed up for field trips in college, earning a geology degree from Amherst College, and studying marine ecology in New Zealand. Snapshots from ensuing science positions include scuba diving research, paleoclimate studies in Chile’s Atacama Desert, and warming bags of live bats against her belly.

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