Genovesa Island

May 25, 2018 - National Geographic Endeavour II

This island is one-of-a-kind. Not only within the archipelago of Galapagos, but in the Pacific Ocean, and in the world. Inhabited by birds, seabirds primarily, and with only the marine iguana and sea lions as the only other four-legged vertebrates; it is filled with feathers, the smell of guano wafting by, a cacophony of sounds come from everywhere…clacks, drumming, screeches, honks and whistles.

Our day was spent in fascination, amazement and awe at the opportunity we have been given to watch, photograph and observe a place where humans are not the dominant species. According to all the feathered, furred and scaled inhabitants of this island, humans are of no consequence at all. But in reality, we humans are of paramount importance, in that a group of concerned people were behind the original protection of these islands, and now others (including us) are in charge of keeping them that way.

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About the Author

Cindy Manning

Expedition Leader

Born in Lima, Peru, of North American parents, Cindy and her family subsequently lived in several South American and European countries with a couple stops in Peoria, Illinois. Cindy received a degree in biology from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. Afterwards, Cindy spent a year and a half teaching science in the Western Province of Kenya, East Africa. 

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