At Sea, heading South…

Jan 19, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

For the second day, the National Geographic Explorer is heading south, putting the Drake Passage behind her. Where could we be going? What mysteries and discoveries lie ahead? Our traveling companions, mostly storm petrels and the occasional albatross, have no idea either. The Drake Passage, the infamous Drake Passage, is treating us gently. This is largely because our Expedition Leader Brent Stephenson and Caption Lief Skog have done their best to outrun the stormy weather we left behind us, and have grand plans to head to waters rarely visited.

A cheer went up in the lounge when it was announced we were going to cross the Antarctic Circle, an invisible line in the ocean which truly marks an expedition promising exciting days ahead. We are heading as far south as this fine vessel has ever headed before. Before that, however, there is the small matter of spotting the first iceberg of the voyage, and indeed it was a fine one! Truly, we are in the Antarctic.

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About the Author

Adam Britton

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Adam is a British-born zoologist who has lived and worked in northern Australia since 1997. Before arriving in Darwin, Adam gained a Ph.D. on the flight performance and echolocation of insectivorous bats, but his passion has always been large predators and the relationship that different cultures have toward them.

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