Caletas and Corcovado National Park

Dec 29, 2017 - National Geographic Quest

Today we visited Osa Penisula on our last day of expeditions aboard the National Geographic Quest. This peninsula holds the most untamed habitat on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, with an extraordinary diversity of wildlife and breathtaking landscape.

We started with nature walks in a private reserve called Caletas. We hiked the trails during the early morning, escorted by the melodious calls of antbirds, toucans, wrens and many other birds that we also spotted on our walks. Other guests went horseback riding along the beach and on beautiful rainforest trails.

Later in the afternoon we repositioned our vessel near Corcovado National Park. In the park, some of us walked the waterfall trail where we had great views of a three-toed sloth and an American crocodile. At the end of our hike, a lovely waterfall and a refreshing water hole gave us the unique chance to swim and refresh ourselves under the dense canopy of the primary rainforest.

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Deibys Fonseca


Deibys Fonseca was born and raised in the mountains of western Panama. From a very young age, his interest in nature led him to become a volunteer guide for La Amistad International Park in the administrative headquarters of Chiriqui. His knowledge in geography and flora and fauna led him to participate in multiple wildlife research projects in his community, among which highlight a population census of bats, birds and plants developed by ANCON.

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Joshua Hall and Frank Simms

Joshua Hall and Frank Simms

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