Tower Island

Dec 08, 2017 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Today we woke up anchored in the middle of a caldera of the main extinct volcano that formed this old island. Tower Island is located north of the equatorial line and therefore sits away from the wind and cold-water currents that bade the southern and western archipelago; this has resulted in Galapagos hawks never having settled here. Therefore short-eared owls have evolved into the apex predator of this island, hunting for storm petrels in broad daylight. Adaptations that lead to speciation.

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Fabian Bucheli


Fabian Bucheli studied at the German School in Quito, graduated from the University of California with a bachelor of science in administration, and earned a master’s degree in international management from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona. He has studied in Germany, France, Belgium, and Austria and is fluent in German, French, English, and Spanish. He has always been in love with nature and conservation. Explaining abstract concepts became second nature as a teaching assistant in biodiversity and evolution (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) while working towards a PhD in environmental risk management.

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