The Snake River, Lower Monumental Dam and Palouse River

Oct 17, 2017 - National Geographic Sea Lion

Our wake-up call this morning aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion came moments before we began our ascent to sunrise out of Ice-Harbor lock. As unseen water raced in from beneath the doors of the lock, the ship raised and our view of the pink clouds and ever brighter sky came more and more into view. This beautiful scene continued as we traveled out of the lock up the Snake River on our way to the Palouse River.

En route, we experienced two exciting performances from on board historian, Bob Gatten. The first was a re-enactment of the incredible dancing of Louiïe Fuller followed by some living history of Touissent Charbonneau and the story of his life with Sacajawea. Although a tough act to follow, on board geologist treated us to a question and answer session after an incredible video representing the great ice floods that carved out canyons of the country through which we are traveling. We continued sailing through Lower Monumental Lock, up the Snake and eventually met the confluence with the Palouse. And this was all before lunch!

After lunch, winds picked up with gusts of up to 50 miles an hour! Along with the wind picking up, so did dust into a major dust storm, known locally as a ‘haboob’. Guests were given the opportunity to relax, read, play cards or receive a massage or further instruction from our wellness specialist, Heather Davis. All in all, even with the change of plans, today was a wonderful day of sailing, exploration, relaxation and beauty! 

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For more than 25 years David Jaffe has guided and taught a variety of audiences about our natural world and our connection with it. His childhood interest in natural systems eventually brought him to Evergreen State College where he earned a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Geology, followed by a M.S in Applied Ecology from the University of Vermont. Mingling an academic background with experience working around the world in exceptionally diverse environments, he is able to efficiently observe, understand, and interpret natural and cultural history.

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