Isabela & Fernandina Island

Apr 18, 2017 - National Geographic Islander

This morning we woke up on a cloudy day navigating towards the south hemisphere, crossing the equator on the northern side of Isabela Island known also as the “seahorse”. Later as the sun shined on this morning we explored Punta Vicente Roca on a zodiac ride and snorkel with marine sea turtles and the amazing Galapagos flightless cormorants. On the afternoon we disembarked on Fernandina Island on Punta Espinoza, the best location to admire the endemic marine iguanas that cover the lava fields and the lava landscapes. We went on a long walk to discover pahoe-hoe lava and a-a lava.  

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About the Author

Cristina Ahassi


Cristina was born in Quito but spent her entire childhood in the Galápagos Islands surrounded by the nature that has inspired her passion for her work.

About the Photographer

Cristina Ahassi and Cindy Manning

Cristina Ahassi and Cindy Manning

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