Santa Cruz Island, Eden Islet and Daphne Major Island

Feb 15, 2017 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Today the National Geographic Endeavour II, explores the northern shores of Santa Cruz Island. This is the second largest island in the archipelago and most inhabited, this morning we have the opportunity to see the national park visitor site know as “Cerro Dragon” or Dragon Hill, here we will be looking for the unique yellow land iguana endemic to the Galapagos. In the afternoon the National Geographic Endeavour II repositions to the north western side of Santa Cruz and anchors in front of a very dramatically eroded tuff cone known as “Eden Islet”, a natural habitat for blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, herons, sea lions and iguanas. We offer a kayaking outing and a coastal exploration via zodiac. With the spectacular sunset the National Geographic Endeavour II circumnavigates Daphne Major Island and our guests meet us at the sky deck to learn about the history of this site while they enjoy several wines from South America.

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About the Author

Socrates Tomala


Socrates was born and raised in Galápagos. Since a very young age he has been involved in conservation serving as a volunteer for the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island. Growing up in the islands was quite an adventure for Socrates since he was able to see many islands that are restricted to most people and get close and personal with Galápagos wildlife.

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