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  • James Island

    Today we disembarked at Espumilla Beach and walked up a hill after sunrise while the photography group remained at the shore. Some of the guests remained at sleep while others went kayaking. It was a busy morning for most of us. After breakfast we went snorkeling at Buccaneer’s Cove while some of us went on a Panga Ride looking for wildlife along the coast.In the afternoon we snorkeled again at Puerto Egas before a walk along the shoreline where both species of sea lions were spotted as well as wading birds and marine iguanas. Read More

    • Apr 20, 2017
    • National Geographic Islander in Galápagos
  • Ertholmene Archipelago and Bornholm Island, Denmark

    Our first full day of our adventure in the Baltic Sea has proven to be a great combination of history, landscape and nature, with the added benefit of good weather. Radiant sun and blue skies all day long! Our morning adventure started with a visit to the only populated islands within the small archipelago of Ertholme, Christiansø and Frederiksø islands. Read More

    • Apr 20, 2017
    • National Geographic Orion in Baltics
  • Cruising the Gulf & Isla San Jose

    Moments before sunrise, the sun painted the Sierra de la Giganta with alpenglow. Water reflected the orange sky, and surfacing bottle-nose dolphins sliced through the colors. Mobula rays swam near with their wing tips in the air. We cruised slowly through more small groups of bottlenose dolphins, and when they swam in our bow wave, we leaned over the ship’s railing to watch their maneuverings. Read More

  • Isabela

    Isabela Island is made up of five and a half volcanos with most of them still active. In the morning we set out for a hike at a place called Urbina Bay. Black sand where sea turtles nest is our landing place. We put our shoes on and we were ready to follow a loop trail heading inland and along the shore.  The trail of Urbina is lush green which makes a good place for many different species of land birds like finches, mockingbirds and others in addition to all the sea birds that also frequent the area like pelicans and boobies, etc. Read More

    • Apr 19, 2017
    • National Geographic Islander in Galápagos
  • San Pedro Mártir Island

    Our second day in the Midriff Islands region was an extraordinary one; we woke up at sea heading towards one of the crown jewels of the Sea of Cortez, the island of San Pedro Mártir. But before we arrived there, we enjoyed the privilege once again of watching sunrise at sea. What a wonderful time of the day, when the eastern sky changes colors and eventually explodes as the fiery star that makes life on earth possible comes up above the horizon! The initially subtle purples and magentas turned into intense oranges and reds and painted us with similar tones. We anchored off the southern shore of the island shortly afterwards and got ready to explore on our expedition landing craft. San Pedro Mártir is truly a spectacular place; located pretty much in the middle between the states of Sonora in the mainland, and Baja California in the peninsula, the island is also surrounded by the three main upwelling areas in the Gulf. Read More

  • Isla San Esteban & Isla Rasa

    Today we enjoyed some of the best of both land and sea. Bottlenose dolphins joined us in front of our bow before breakfast. Afterwards we made a morning visit to Isla San Esteban to search for two large, endemic lizards that share the island—the pinto chuckwalla and the spiny-tailed iguana. We found these and much more on this interesting island. Isla Rasa was our afternoon destination. Teeming with Heermann’s gulls and elegant terns, it can be an overwhelming experience to visit this small island.. Read More

  • Urbina Bay, Tagus Cove, Isabela Island

    This morning we disembarked at 6am on Urbina Bay, at the lower slope of Alcedo Volcano on Isabela Island. The weather was great, not too hot at that time, which increases our chances of seeing those giant creatures as they start their day. While we were walking around the path, suddenly we were surprised by a giant tortoise, the icon of the Galapagos Islands, coming through the bush, looking for a place to sunbath. Read More

    • Apr 18, 2017
    • National Geographic Endeavour II in Galápagos
  • Isabela & Fernandina Island

    This morning we woke up on a cloudy day navigating towards the south hemisphere, crossing the equator on the northern side of Isabela Island known also as the “seahorse”. Later as the sun shined on this morning we explored Punta Vicente Roca on a zodiac ride and snorkel with marine sea turtles and the amazing Galapagos flightless cormorants. On the afternoon we disembarked on Fernandina Island on Punta Espinoza, the best location to admire the endemic marine iguanas that cover the lava fields and the lava landscapes. We went on a long walk to discover pahoe-hoe lava and a-a lava.  . Read More

    • Apr 18, 2017
    • National Geographic Islander in Galápagos
  • Fernandina Island Video

    In the morning we encountered Punta Espinoza on Fernandina Island, located in the western site of the archipelago. This is one the youngest islands of Galapagos. We went for a Zodiac cruise followed by a walk, sighting Galapagos penguins, flightless cormorants, many marine iguanas, lava lizards, the Galapagos hawk along the way.In the afternoon we visited Punta Vicente Roca on Isabela Island, where we snorkeled from the Zodiacs, seeing many green sea turtles. Read More

    • Apr 17, 2017
    • National Geographic Endeavour II in Galápagos
  • Bartholomew Island

    Before breakfast we hiked up a hill on a wooden boardwalk where we saw four endemic settler plants and a magnificent view of the surrounding area. After breakfast we snorkeled from the beach as well as in deep water. In the afternoon we kayaked, snorkeled and visited Rabida Island, which has a deep red color due to the rust of the iron in the lava.. Read More

    • Apr 17, 2017
    • National Geographic Islander in Galápagos
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