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  • Chatham Strait and Sitkoh Bay

    Another phenomenal day onboard. Last night we found the same pod of killer whales we saw 75 miles to the north in Tracy Arm. Then today we found bubblenetting humpback whales and later had a great time exploring Sitkoh Bay.

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  • Amorgos

    Last night was calm as we were sheltered away from the strong Meltemi winds that have been following us the last days. The bay of Katapola at Amorgos Island is known for being one of the safest harbors in the Aegean! Early this morning we boarded the motor coaches and drove to the east side of Amorgos to visit the 11th century Monastery of Hozoviotissa.  This monastery offers breathtaking views as it is glued on the steep cliffs and the only access is by hiking up roughly 300 steps. 

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  • Dupivigur, Iceland

    The guests aboard National Geographic Orion had an awesome day today, based out of the picturesque port of Djupivogur. Some guests went to Papey Island, where they saw multiple seals, puffins, and other sea birds along the rocky shoreline. 

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  • Fort Augustus, Corpach, and Glenfinnan

    Today we continued southwest down through the Caledonian Canal. Our morning sail took us over the highest point of the Canal at Loch Oich, 106 feet above sea level. The journey included the narrow, tree-lined stretch of Laggan Avenue, and the Moy Swing Bridge, the last hand-cranked bridge along the canal. The weather remained nice enough so we could enjoy the sights from the deck, although not quite as warm and sunny as yesterday.

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  • Santa Cruz, Guys Fawkes, and Eden Islands

    This morning National Geographic Endeavour II anchors on the northern side of Santa Cruz Island. It’s a very sunny morning with cool breeze and calmed seas. The visitor site of this morning is called “Cerro Dragon”, which is a dry landing on a very rocky platform followed by a sandy path to a brackish water lagoon from there we take a trail into the dry woods in order to arrive at Dragon Hill.

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  • Santa Cruz Island

    Located at the center part of the archipelago, Santa Cruz Island is the second largest island in the Galapagos where the National Park Services and the Charles daring Research Center have their headquarters. This is also home for the world famous Giant tortoises, the highlight of our day.

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  • Vigur Island and Dynjandi Falls

    Vigur is a gem of an island that is bursting with life in summer. Puffins stand on rocks with faces full of fish. Black guillemots scamper underfoot, nesting in rock walls. Arctic terns patrol their grassy nursery, dive-bombing our ‘tern deterrent’ flagsticks held overhead. Orphan eider chicks huddle in a pen and waddle out to sea. Harbor seals haul out in rocky shallows.  Humpback whales surface in the near distance.  Zodiacs zip guests to a floating dock at the island.  

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  • Ideal Cove and Petersburg

    Guests aboard National Geographic Sea Lion awoke to glassy calm waters this morning; a dreamy landscape that was broken only by the quick breaths and triangular backs of two Dall’s porpoises cruising northward.  As the morning fog lifted, everyone loaded into the DIBS for activities ashore at Ideal Cove. Long distance hikers traveled over boggy terrain via boardwalks that winded through patches of skunk cabbage, Sitka spruce, and stunted Lodgepole pine. Yellow pond lilies decorated the surface of the still waters at Hill and Crane Lakes and sundews stretched their sticky tendrils in search of insects in the wind.

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  • Sailing in Delos, Greece

    Today began with a visit to Delso, the sacred center of the Cycladic world and the mythical birthplace of the divine twins, Artemis and Apollo. This uninhabited island is now a sprawling archaeological site and is a fascinating mix of archaic, classical, and Hellenistic remains. Our Greek guides, Effie and Roula, took us through the island’s complex history as we explored the ruins, from the seventh-century B.C. Terrace of the Lions to the mosaic-adorned private homes owned by wealthy second-century B.C. merchants. Some of the more detailed mosaics, as well as a wide range of marble sculptures and Hellenistic home furnishings, could be viewed at the island’s archaeological museum.

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  • Saint James Bay/Lynn Canal/Chilkat Peninsula

    This morning National Geographic Sea Bird anchored in Saint James Bay, on the west side of Lynn Canal. We had the opportunity to explore by kayak or expedition landing craft. We observed bald eagles, harbor seals and several species of gulls and ducks.

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