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  • James Island

    Early in the morning we visited Santiago Island and disembarked at Espumilla beach, enjoyed water activities at Buccaneer Cove, and then took an afternoon walk at the Puerto Egas shoreline. This is a goat-free island. . Read More

    • Dec 01, 2016
    • National Geographic Islander in Galápagos
  • Stanley – Falkland Islands

    This morning at 0800 we arrived in the small harbour of Stanley, the Capital of the Falkland Islands. Winds were gusting outside, but with the sun trying to penetrate through the clouds, it looked like we were going to have a lovely day and it worked out like that indeed. Read More

    • Dec 01, 2016
    • National Geographic Orion in Antarctica
  • Bona Island and Panama Canal

    The National Geographic Sea Lion was greeted by warm sunshine and an absolutely beautiful morning as we woke in the Gulf of Panama.  It was a fantastic way to start the day, and prepare for the morning activities at Bona Island.After breakfast, with binoculars, and cameras in hand, we loaded onto motorized expedition landing crafts, and cruised along the shorelines of Bona Island. Read More

  • At Sea, Drake Passage, bound for Antarctica

    Not every trip to the Antarctic requires a baptism by storm. On the contrary, the vast majority of my 80 crossings of the Drake Passage, the narrowest stretch of the Southern Ocean (480 nautical miles), have been downright comfortable. On rare occasions, however, there is no time to wait out a passing storm and we have to dive right into the maelstrom. This was one of those crossings but, with it, came a long list of incredible sights, sounds, and memories very few human beings can say they have experienced. Nor could many vessels have handled the confused seas we rolled through today with such stability, offering an incredible platform on which to embrace the raw power that makes this part of the world unlike any other. . Read More

    • Nov 30, 2016
    • National Geographic Explorer in Antarctica
  • Urbina Bay & Tagus Cove

    Today our guest explored Isabela Island. In the morning everybody landed at Urbina Bay, located at the central western coast of the island.  The idea of this expedition was to have a chance to explore the dry forest that has developed since 1954 when this area was uplifted over the sea level. So at the same that we were stepping on remains of sea floor, coral fragments, deteriorating tube worms and lots of calcium carbonate over the rocks we experienced the land life that has developed. The highlights of the morning were the land reptiles that we encounter along the hike. Read More

    • Nov 30, 2016
    • National Geographic Islander in Galápagos
  • Falkland Islands

    Today was the first day of off-ship operations, and it was a cracker. Early morning found us around 51° 08’ S, 59° 44’ W. Read More

    • Nov 30, 2016
    • National Geographic Orion in Antarctica
  • Panama, Coiba Marine National Park

    After several days of Costa Rican rainforest, Coiba Marine National Park was just the break we needed.  Gustavo’s morning update call came with much needed news, “Good morning my friends it is 7am and the sun seems to be  shining over our little snorkelling island of Granito de Oro “Just the word this hardy group needed.  A sunny sandy island surrounded by beautiful aqua blue water”. Although we had wonderful rainforest walks in Costa Rica, Coiba Island unexplored rainforest  still drew  a hardy half to enter the islands dark tangled forest in search of any and all critters lurking about. Read More

  • Isabela and Fernandina Islands

    We wake up with the first light of the day and the National Geographic Islander is navigating slightly north of the equator, around the “head of the seahorse”, as we call the northern part of Isabela Island. The landscape is very barren and quite volcanic and it seems as though we have gone back in time several million years to the beginning of the formation of the Galapagos. We observe a flock of blue-footed boobies fly over the ship, then some sea lions going out to fish, and then suddenly a triangular fin breaks the surface of the water and someone screams SUUUNN FIIIISH! The creature breaches and shoots into the air for a few seconds. It was quite a site!As the National Geographic Islander continued navigating towards the equator, a pod of dolphins approached the ship, so our guests had an incredible opportunity to observe wildlife and landscape this morning. Read More

    • Nov 29, 2016
    • National Geographic Islander in Galápagos
  • At Sea Towards the Falkland Islands

    Welcome aboard National Geographic Orion! Over the next twenty days we are going to explore some of the world’s most remote and undoubtedly humbling destinations: The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula – all of them unique locations in their own right and all of them with the candor to leave lasting impressions on every one of us.To get to such distant and distinctive places takes time and today we have been sailing over remarkably smooth seas as we make progress towards our first destination of the Falkland Islands. Read More

    • Nov 29, 2016
    • National Geographic Orion in Antarctica
  • Golfo Dulce & Casa Orquideas & Rio Tigre

    On our last day in Costa Rica, we entered early morning the deep calm waters of Golfo Dulce on the Southernmost point of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, to visit the beautiful Casa Orquideas botanical garden, and the mangrove forest of the estuary of the Tigre river.. Read More

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