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  • Sailing the Mekong

    Our travels from Phnom Penh took us about 70 miles north up the Mekong River to Chau Doc in Vietnam. Before setting off, however, we had one more to-do while in the capitol city of Cambodia: a morning photographic walk. Equipped with the day’s sunrise, we tried unique angles and combinations of light and shade to experiment with our camera subjects. We began on the river bank, and then during the bustle of the colourful morning market, we found ourselves beneath a colony of fruit bats roosting in the trees overhead.

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  • At Sea and San Jose Island

    After a night of calm wind buffered by San Francisco Island, we headed out to sea first thing in search of marine mammals. Just east of San Jose Island, not too far from Las Animas, there is a drop-off on the ocean floor. Geographical features such as this tend to make for promising spotting territory, for toothed whales in particular.

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  • Baja California

    We awoke near Puerto Lopez Mateos, a fishing village near Boca del Soleda at the mouth of the mangrove-lined estuary. Wind pushed up a large swell but that didn’t stop most of the guests in this hardy group. Once out exploring, we had numerous gray whale sightings—including a cow and newborn calf.

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  • Cuverville Island

    Today was one of those days you dream of having in Antarctica: blue powdered skies, remarkable ice structures, and plenty of wildlife. We had breakfast with humpback whales in view from the dining room windows and then zipped to shore at Cuverville Island. The view from the Zodiac ride to the beach was outstanding, with snowy mountains all around and huge pieces of ice extending up from the water’s subsurface. Few landscapes are as captivating.

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  • Kampong Tralach & Kampong Chhnang

    With an early start to beat the heat, we climbed up the banks of the Tonle Sap River at Kampong Tralach to experience a timeless form of local transport: the traditional Khmer oxcart. Making use of a design which has changed little in a thousand years, oxcarts are the backbone of the local transport network in the less-developed parts of Cambodia. While lacking in modern creature comforts, this simple design is truly a sustainable means of transportation, effectively running on grass. As we wind our way through the rice fields the sun rises over Kampong Tralach. After learning about rice and lotus agriculture we head to the primary school which offers free English classes to the local community. This is a program Lindblad/National Geographic sponsors and holds a great deal of pride in.

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  • Isabela and Fernandina Islands

    Today National Geographic Islander sailed to the western part of the archipelago. Early in the morning, at around 8:30 a.m., we crossed the equator as we navigated around Ecuador Volcano, one of the six volcanoes that emerged independently to form Isabela, the largest island of the Galapagos.

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  • Neko Bay & Paradise Harbor

    Early risers enjoyed the stunningly beautiful scenery of Errera Channel along the Antarctic Peninsula. Snowy mountains were the backdrop to icebergs, humpback whales, and penguins, and when we turned into Andvord Bay, there were multiple tidewater glaciers. We made our first landing on the Antarctic continent at Neko Harbor, where we walked up a snowy hillside to a gentoo penguin colony. At Paradise Harbor, conditions were glassy calm, and we boarded Zodiacs for cruises among huge icebergs, seals, porpoising penguins, a pair of feeding humpback whales, and a very curious minke whale.

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  • Phnom Penh

    We always have a fascinating schedule for the guests on Jahan, but sometimes revision is called for, especially when the King of Cambodia is in the mix! His attendance at the Royal Palace tomorrow meant a quick change of plans which brought our visit to Phnom Penh forward by a day.

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  • The Southern Ocean

    For a few, the day began very early. Guests, excited as we approached our first landfall, congregated on the open decks or the bridge. Conditions were overcast and the swell had increased from the night before. At first, we spotted only a few seabirds—occasional black-browed albatross and one black-bellied storm petrel.

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  • Puerto Escondido and Isla San Francisco

    We docked at Puerto Escondido as the slow flare of the early morning skies exhibited bright pinks, reds, and oranges all around us. The dramatic display of sky reflected with great intensity off a gleaming horizon while craggy, serrated cliffs and layered ash flows descend into the sea. It does not take much to lose one’s breath to the beauty of this space.

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