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Kimberley Expedition: Australia’s Wild Northwest

  • 11 Days
  • NG Orion
  • 102 Guests
  • Expeditions in: May/Jun/Jul/Aug
  • From AU$7,965 to AU$19,180

Itinerary Overview

From Darwin in the north to Broome in the west, a sweeping expanse of wonders

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Named by the crew of a research vessel in 1984, Naturalist Island is ringed in mangroves and sheer cliffs.
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A large, salt-water crocodile, the region’s apex predator suns itself. We also often see whales, sea turtles, and ospreys.
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The King George Falls plunge 260 feet as the river terminates into Koolama Bay. Zodiacs allow us to experience the waterfalls and geology of the Kimberley coast up close.
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Discover the art of the Wandjina clan with ancient images of the Wandjina spirits with their distinctive haloes and dugong, crocodiles, fish, and snakes
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The Kimberley region of Australia is a rugged place of towering waterfalls, intriguing geology, ancient human history, and inspiring beauty.

Discover a land so old that vast tracts pre-date the very existence of fossils—and see it in the manner befitting its immense scale: by sea, aboard our fully-equipped expedition ship, National Geographic Orion. Explore the immense and complex landscape of western Australia, encompassing spectacular gorges, waterfalls, caves, rainforests and wildlife. See signs of the immense geological forces that over the course of eons have buckled the earth’s crust leaving contorted folds of ancient rock. Discover a seemingly infinite, varied coastline crowded with islands, bursting with marine life, and rivers that lead to vertiginous waterfalls. View indigenous rock art of ethereal Wandijina spirits and the elegant Gwion Gwion figures of pre-history. Be among the few Americans to visit this land where primeval crocodiles rule, and only a trickle of savvy travelers venture each year. Guests who choose to explore in May and June will experience King George Falls flowing forcefully, and those who venture to the Kimberley in July and August will find humpback whales, which are most abundant in August..

  • Take a scenic flight over the famous Bungle Bungle ranges, a natural wonder seen first-hand
  • Visit Montgomery Reef, where the tide drops so rapidly that waters trapped inside the reef create a raging torrent as they escape
  • Zodiacs take you up the spectacular King George River, where you will witness the mighty King George Falls, the highest in the Kimberley
  • View an outdoor Aboriginal art gallery, portraying images of the Wandjina spirits
  • Orion’s Zodiacs land virtually anywhere and take you up-close to the unique wildlife in this region including crocodiles, whales, turtles, and ospreys.

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